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WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Vacancy Notice: EU/Field/03/03

REGIONAL OFFICE FOR EUROPE Date of issue: 24 July 2003

Title National Professional Officer, Health Care Policy and Stewardship

Grade NPO-B

Duration: Two years, time limited post

Official Station (Country) Russian Federation

Organizational Location/Unit Regional Office for Europe (EURO)

Division of Country Support - WHO Office for the Russian Federation



The regional programme on Health Policy and Stewardship comprises two elements: i) health systems policies and (ii) strategic support on country policies, systems and services. In the first strand, the programme aims to support Member States in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies at national level supported by a health system in line with WHO principles that fosters positive health and contributes to reducing disparity. The health policy should be based on the principles of equity, solidarity and respect to human rights, while responding to people’s legitimate expectations. Advice is provided on the goals and objectives to be pursued as well as on the strategies to achieve them, including the necessary alliances with the main stakeholders. In its second strand, the programme aims at assisting Member States to design, establish and promote an integrated approach to health development that includes accessible health services. This support to Member States in their health development is based on analysing their needs and aspirations while assessing their capacities and possibilities for involving all stakeholders, national and international. The ultimate development objective is to achieve a health care policy and health care reform, which can have a positive impact on the health of the Russian population.


The successful candidate will:

  • Work with the Health Care Policy Advisor/Coordinator to coordinate WHO’s activities for upgrading health services in the Russian Federation.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate information of tangible and intangible outcomes, i.e. lessons learned from past national and donor-funded initiatives in the Russian health sector.
  • Assist Health Care Policy Advisor/Coordinator and FMoH in organizing study tours to places of excellence according to mutual agreement with the donor and WHO.
  • Organize seminars, training sessions as appropriate for participants for health system stakeholders in Russian Federation (FMoH, State Duma, Federal Mandatory Health Insurance, Regional Administrations, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, etc.) to support objectives of programme.
  • Liaise with other WHO/DGR/RUS strategic components: Healthcare – access, quality, financing; Healthy new generation – healthy lifestyles; Alliances for combating communicable diseases; Emergency and humanitarian assistance.
  • Support the secretariat of a Steering Committee consisting of DGR/RUS, FMoH and CIDA/Moscow (representative of donor government)as well as of a High Level Working Group on Health Care Policy and perform all other tasks as considered appropriate by the Health CarePolicy Advisor/Coordinator. In this category, the incumbent would take prime responsibility for the establishment jointly with the FMoH of a Roster/Registry of Health Sector Projects in RF.
  • Prepare reports to donors (CIDA) and such other agencies as appropriate on activities and outcomes of Health Care Policy and Stewardship project
  • Undertake such other tasks and activities as deemed appropriate by the Health Care Policy Advisor/Coordinator to fulfil the objectives of the programme.




Applicants must be nationals of the Russian Federation.


University degree and postgraduate training in health care administration, health policy and/or health care.

Training in analytical and educational activities would be an asset.


  • Familiarity with health policy and health care policy;
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and clarity in presenting views;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the circumstances in Russian Federation;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Ability to draft reports and other documents in a precise and concise manner.
  • Ability to brief and train staff at all levels. Tact and courtesy are essential.



  • Extensive experience in health care administration and organization of analytical and educational activities.
  • Experience in a regional health system would be an asset


  • Excellent knowledge of Russian and good knowledge of English.
  • Knowledge of other WHO/EURO languages will be an asset.



ANNUAL SALARY (net of tax): US$36,404 payable in local currency plus dependency allowance if applicable.



Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted for interview and test.

Any appointment/extension of appointment is subject to WHO staff regulations, Staff Rules and Manual.


Staff members should apply to their Personnel Office and complete a WHO824 form. Applicants from the UN or specialized agencies should apply to the Personnel Office of their Organization, and attach a completed personal history form. All other applicants should complete the WHO Personal History Form and send it to Human Resources Services, WHO EURO, Scherfigsvej 8, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark (e-mail: Pvacnot@euro.who.int).





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