A selection

10 January 1946, 4:00pm
First General Assembly, with 51 nations represented,
opens in Central Hall, Westminster, London
Agenda and Officers
for the first part of the first session of the General Assembly 

A/PV. 1
Verbatim Record of the First Plenary Meeting,
Central Hall, Westminster, London
Thursday, 10 January 1946, 4:00pm
Opening and Election of the President

UK PM Atlee addresses GA1 opening, 
London, 10 January 1946 
 A/PV. 2
Verbatim Record of the Second Plenary Meeting,
Friday, 11 January 1946, 10:15am
Adoption of the agenda; Establishment of Committees 

A/PV.  3 
Verbatim Record of the Third Plenary Meeting, 
Friday, 11 January 1946, 5:00pm
Vice-Presidents and Chairmen of the Main Committees

A/PV. 4
Verbatim Record of the Fourth Plenary Meeting, 
Saturday, 12 January 1946, 10:30am 
Election of non-permanent members of the Security Council

A/PV.  5
Verbatim Record of the Fifth Plenary Meeting, 
Saturday, 12 January 1946, 3:00pm
Election of non-permanent members of the Security Council

Secretary-General Trygvie Lie (Norway), 
elected 1 February 1946, 
Lake Success, New York , August 1949 
A/PV. 22
Verbatim Record of the Twenty-second Plenary Meeting, 
Saturday, 2 February 1946, 11:00am
Installation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations

A/PV. 35
Verbatim Record of the Thirty-fifth Plenary Meeting, 
Thursday, 24 October 1946, 11:00am
Assistant Secretaries-General; General Discussion

A/PV. 36
Verbatim Record of the Thirty-sixth Plenary Meeting, 
Thursday, 24 October 1946, 4:00pm
General Discussion

A/PV. 101
Verbatim Record of the Hundred and First Plenary Meeting, 
General Assembly Hall, Flushing Meadow, New York, 
Friday, 31 October 1947, 11:00am
United Nations Day

Mrs. Roosevelt holds a Declaration of Human Rights poster, Lake Success, New York, November 1949
A/PV. 183
Verbatim Record of the Hundred and Eighty-third Plenary Meeting, 
Palais de Chaillot, Paris, 
Friday, 10 December 1948, 9:00pm
Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A/RES/377 (V)
Uniting for peace
Adopted at the Three Hundred and Second Plenary Meeting, 
3 November 1950

A/PV. 864
Verbatim Record of the 
Eight Hundred and Sixty-fourth Plenary Meeting, 
Tuesday, 20 September 1960, 3:00pm
Admission of new Member States

 A/34/PV. 107
Verbatim Record of the Hundred and Seventh Plenary Meeting, Thirty-fourth Session of the General Assembly,
Tuesday, 18 December 1979,10:45am
Adoption of the Convention on the 
Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Prepared by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library

In 1998, the DHL initiated a programme to digitize all language editions of United Nations parliamentary documents issued from 1946 to1992 for inclusion in the United Nations Official Document System (ODS).

As part of this programme and to mark the occasion of the Millennium Assembly,  the Dag Hammarskjöld Library has posted these selected landmark documents.

This digitization project is one of many conducted by the Dag Hammarskjold Library in its continuing efforts to improve multilingual, electronic access to the documentation of the United Nations Organization.

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