City-to-City Cooperation:Issues Arising from Experience


Second Interim Report prepared as an input to discussions at the First Session of the World Urban Forum
(Nairobi, 29 April - 3 May 2002) Nairobi, April 2002



Foreward (From version 1 report)

Chapter 1 Background and Context of City-to-City Cooperation
1.1 The Idea of City-to-City Cooperation (C2C)
1.2 C2C and Development Cooperation

Chapter 2 The Purpose and Scope of the Report
2.1 Advancing Understanding of C2C and Strengthening C2C Practice
2.2 The Approach and Structure of the Report

Chapter 3 City Priorities and Practices in City-to-City Cooperation
3.1 Framework for Comparing City Priorities and Practices
A. Cities' Capacity-Building Priorities:
3.2 Improving Aspects of Urban Management
3.3 Improving Performance in Individual Local Government Functions
B. Defining Features of C2C Practice:
3.4 Geographical Scope
3.5 Cooperation Structures
3.6 Active Participants

Chapter 4 Organising Support for City-to-City Cooperation
4.1 Framework for Comparing C2C Support Options
A. Types of External Support:
4.2 C2C Support Modalities
B. Organisation of External Support:
4.3 Geographical Focus
4.4 Funding and Resources
4.5 Facilitating Institutions

Chapter 5 Issues Arising from Experience
5.1 Key Features and Trends in C2C Practice
5.2 Key Features and Trends in C2C Support
5.3 Priorities in C2C Practice and Support Policies

Chapter 6 The Way Forward
6.1 Laying the Foundations
6.2 Emerging Consensus on the Way Forward
6.3 The Partnership for Local Capacity Development (PLCD)

Annex 1: Information Sources
Annex 2: International Associations and Networks of Cities and Local Authorities
Annex 3: International City-to-City Support Programmes

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