Section IV F. Implementation and follow-up of the Habitat Agenda
2. Implementation at the national level

213. Governments have the primary responsibility for implementing the Habitat Agenda. Governments as enabling partners should create and strengthen effective partnerships with women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, indigenous people and communities, local authorities, the private sector and non-governmental organizations in each country. National mechanisms should be established or improved, as appropriate, to coordinate actions at all relevant government levels that have an impact on human settlements and to assess this impact prior to governmental actions. Local authorities should be supported in their efforts towards implementing the Habitat Agenda inasmuch as local action is required. All appropriate participatory mechanisms, including local Agenda 21 initiatives, should be developed and employed. Governments may wish to coordinate the implementation of their national plans of action through enhanced cooperation and partnerships with subregional, regional and international organizations, inter alia, the United Nations system, including the Bretton Woods institutions, which have a very important role to play in a number of countries.

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