• Jobs in Peacekeeping Operations
  • Conditions of Service
  • What are the different sources and roles of personnel in the field?
  • What does the organizational structure of a mission look like?
  • What kinds of attributes define "mission readiness"?
  • How to apply
  • Working in a peacekeeping operation provides an opportunity to be a part in an international effort to better the lives of the people it aims to serve. It is a very demanding, dynamic and rewarding experience.
    The scope and variety of skills and occupational fields, which are required by the Organization have expanded over the last decade. Early Peacekeeping operations were mainly in support of peace monitoring mandates given to the Organization by the Member States. In the last decade, however, the operations have undergone a dramatic change. In the early 199O's electoral monitoring was added to several military operations. The late 1990' s introduced the concept of "integrated" and "multidimensional" peacekeeping operations, which consisted of a range of new activities, including civilian administration, political affairs, humanitarian relief, human rights and legal and judicial affairs. This greatly expanded the occupational fields, which the Department of Peacekeeping Operations must now staff.


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