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The United Nations provides a unique perspective on important global issues. A comprehensive selection of audio-visual products targeted to broadcasters, distributors, cable providers, and independent producers, is available.

Inquiries and orders may be addressed to:

Live radio broadcasts in 6 languages and 15-minute programmes of news, interviews, field reports and features.

Radio Products:
Multimedia Resources Unit
Audio-Visual Promotion and Distribution
Tel: (917)367 5007
Fax: (212) 963-6869
E-mail: audio-visual@un.org

Live Coverage/Feeds:
International Broadcast Center
Room CB-55
Tel: (212) 963-7656/3349
Fax: (212) 963-3860

Audio Library & Archival Material:
International Broadcast Center
Room GA-27
Tel: (212) 963-9270/9269
Fax: (212) 963-4501
E-mail: avlibr@un.org

Television and video is composed of topical programming and documentaries, raw feeds and semi-processed materials and archival footage, B-rolls, and other source materials on tape.

Television Products :
Multimedia Resources Unit
Audio-Visual Promotion and Distribution
Room S-805A
Tel: (212) 963-6953/6939
Fax: (212) 963-6869
Email: audio-visual@un.org

Live Coverage/Feeds:
Room CB-56

Tel: (212) 963-7650
Fax: (212) 963-3860

Video Footage & Archival Material:
Multimedia Resources Unit
Visual Materials Library
Room S-2B-66
Fax: (212) 963-4501
Email: gonzalezm@un.org or tanj@un.org

Video footage and archival material services are provided only to broadcasters and independent producers working for broadcast companies or networks.

The United Nations has an extensive photo library of over 230, 000 images dating back to 1945. This archive offers a rich collection of historical and contemporary images from the field and is updated every 24 hours.
Multimedia Resources Unit
Photo Library; Room S-805L
Tel: (212) 963-6927/0034
Fax: (212) 963-1658
Email: photolibr@un.org

Multimedia Resources Unit
Tel: (212) 963-6094
Fax: (212) 963-3430

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your content needs, and together we will spread the United Nations message across the globe.

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