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Rural Housing Programmeа
Total cost $1,200,000

National Habitat Committee
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Background and objectives
This project is part of the national programme framework for human settlements and focuses on the delivery of rural housing to support the resettlement process through community participation with the Government as the enabler, leaving it to households and communities to rehabilitate their houses.а Implementation of the pilot phase began in August 1999, following approval by the Government of Liberia, UNDP and UN-Habitat.а

The following activities were developed in 2000: a rapid assessment ofа the basic and social infrastructures services in the project towns, a successful training programme with eight workshops in different areas, eight courses in building materials production and construction technology, computer application and database, equipment fabrication and marketing, micro enterprise development, settlement planning and a development sanitation and community development and leadership training programme for the reconstruction programme construction of the first building materials production and training centre and reconstruction activities started in the first selected area of Cheesemanburg Town.

The programme has mobilized local authorities and communities to participate effectively in the reconstruction process and in the development of their communities through individual homes and basic infrastructure.а A tripartite evaluation was conducted in July 2000.а Besides a positive transfer of technology to communities and adoption of cost-effective building materials production, the major achievement is reinforcement of community and institutional capacities.а The programme is generating income activities and mobilizing the communities to participate effectively in reconstruction.а In the second phase, which started in August 2000, a micro-credit component for housing and building materials will be introduced.

In country's contact:
UNDPа Monrovia, Liberia
John O. Kakonge
Resident Representative
Tel:а 231- 226188
Fax: 231-226193/226196/226210

Project Support Unit
Lancelot A. Lake
Chief Technical Adviser
Tel.: 888 - 330134 / 231-226195
Fax: 231- 226210/226193

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