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Campaign Overview

UN-HABITAT launched the Global Campaign on Urban Governance in 1999 to support the implementation of the Habitat Agenda goal of sustainable human settlements development in an urbanizing world. The campaigns goal is to contribute to the eradication of poverty through improved urban governance. There is a growing international consensus that the quality of urban governance is the single most important factor for the eradication of poverty and for prosperous cities.

The campaign aims to increase the capacity of local governments and other stakeholders to practice good urban governance. The campaign focuses attention on the needs of the excluded urban poor. It promotes the involvement of women in decision-making at all levels, recognizing that women are one of the biggest levers for positive change in society.

The Campaign Theme: The Inclusive City
The theme of inclusiveness reflects both the campaigns vision and its strategy. An Inclusive City promotes growth with equity. It is a place where everyone, regardless of their economic means, gender, race, ethnicity or religion, is enabled and empowered to fully participate in the social, economic and political opportunities that cities have to offer. Participatory planning and decision-making are the strategic means for realizing this vision.

How the Campaign Works
The Campaign is implemented through a combination of strategies and flagship products. Through normative debate, the campaign seeks to develop and promote the fundamental principles of good urban governance. The campaigns advocacy strategy raises awareness of cities practising principles of good urban governance. Capacity-building occurs via the operational activities of UN-HABITAT Regional Offices, global programmes and partners. The lessons-learned from the above activities support the campaign's knowledge management strategy and are used to develop new tools for good urban governance.

Campaign Partners
The campaign's challenge is to rally partners behind the common banner of good urban governance. UN-HABITAT is implementing the campaign through a combination of global and regional partners. Global partners provide overall strategic and substantive guidance to the campaign through the Global Steering Group. Regional and national partners adapt the campaign messages and activities for local contexts.

The Campaigns "Flagship Products"

  • National and Local Campaigns: To respond to specific local conditions, national campaigns are underway or are planned in Nigeria, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Senegal, India, The Philippines, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba, Peru and the Balkans.

  • Declaration on the Norms of Good Urban Governance: The Campaign promotes debate and seeks international consensus on the principles of good urban governance.

  • Revised National Legislation: Support to countries seeking to ground their legislation in the principles of good urban governance.

  • Policy Papers: Policy support on such subjects as gender, and the role of youth in good urban governance.

  • Inclusive Cities Initiative: An emerging network of cities and their development partners committed to practising and championing inclusive urban governance.

  • Good Urban Governance Index: A tool for cities to monitor their progress in achieving their urban governance objectives.

  • Good Urban Governance Toolkits: A series of tools developed by the campaign and its partners to promote good urban governance. Individuals toolkits are being developed to support participatory urban decision-making, transparency in local government and participatory budgeting.
  • For more information, please see the campaign concept paper or contact us at:

    Global Campaign on Urban Governance
    P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: (254-2) 623216, Fax: (254-2) 624264

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