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Expression of thanks from Benon V. Sevan,

Executive Director of the Iraq Programme

(22 November 2003)


Statement by the Secretary General

(20 November 2003)

Statement by the President of the Security Council(20 November 2003)

Statement by Benon V. Sevan, Executive Director of the Iraq Programme, to the Security Council, on the phasing down and termination of the Oil-for-Food Programme (19 November 2003)

Termination Press Release

Achievements-Status of Funds

( 19 November 2003)


Handover to Suppliers and Missions

Frequently asked Questions

(21 November 2003)


Notice to suppliers concerning revised authentication procedures and recent deliveries to Iraq (16 October 2003)


Other Announcements

Iraq map
The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations

$9.978 Billion Transferred to Development Fund for Iraq

Transfers of $1 billion each were made on 28 May, 31 October and 18 November 2003 from the United Nations Iraq escrow account, at the request of the Security Council contained in paragraph 17 of resolution 1483 (2003) of 22 May 2003. Another $2.6 billion was transferred on 31 December 2003, a further $2 billion on 31 March and $0.5 billion on 19 April 2004. Three more transfers, totalling $1.128 billion, were made in 2004 and three transfers totalling $0.75 billion have been made in 2005.

UN Secretary-General Praises

Work of Oil-for-Food Programme


United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has praised the Oil-for-Food Programme for accomplishing one of the largest, most complex and unusual tasks ever entrusted to the Secretariat.


In a statement to the Security Council (20 November 2003), he noted that the Programme, which closed on 21 November was the only humanitarian programme ever to have been funded entirely from resources belonging to the nation it was designed to help.


He said that in nearly seven years of operation, the Programme had been required to meet "an almost impossible series of challenges", using some $46 billion of Iraqi export earnings on behalf of the Iraqi people. Under the Programme, nine different United Nations agencies, programmes and funds developed and managed humanitarian operations in Iraq, meeting the needs of the civilian population across some 24 economic and social sectors.


The Secretary-General paid tribute to the national and international staff of the Programme and said that in accordance with Security Council resolutions, the UN would hand operational responsibilities, together with remaining funds and assets ranging from schools to electrical power stations and some $8.2 billion worth of food, medicines and other essential supplies – to the Coalition Provisional Authority.


He noted that the actual delivery of these items would continue well into next year and that any unspent or undispersed amounts would be transferred to the Development Fund for Iraq after the Programme closes.

He said that although the UN was closing the Oil-for-Food Programme, it "remained determined to continue helping Iraq's long-suffering people" in whatever ways were still open to it. (Posted 22 November)


Oil-for-Food Programme Ready

for 21 November Handover


The Executive Director of the Oil-for-Food Programme, Mr. Benon Sevan, updated the Security Council today (19 November) on arrangements for the handover of programme operations and responsibilities to the Coalition Provision Authority (CPA) on Friday. Termination of the Programme is effective as of midnight 21 November, 2003.


Mr. Sevan said that the CPA should ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place from 22 November for the effective management of the billions of dollars worth of supplies and equipment destined for Iraq from the Programme’s delivery pipeline and for authenticating the arrival of these goods to facilitate payment to the suppliers.


Mr Sevan noted that the CPA has been in close discussions with the UN independent inspection agent, Cotecna with a view to the retention of its services for a limited period after termination of the Programme and has given assurances that a final decision in that regard will soon be taken, thus ensuring the continuation of authentication arrangements beyond 21 November 2003.


Goods and supplies in the pipeline currently total some $8.2 billion and will continue to be delivered to Iraq well into 2004. (Posted 19 November 2003)


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Other Programme News 

The Office of the Iraq Programme regrets that it is unable to respond to requests for information from companies or their representatives. The primary point of contact for companies is the Permanent Mission of their respective countries to the United Nations.


Iraqi Oil Sales Fund Humanitarian Action

Northern Governorates Central and Southern Governorates

The Oil-for-Food Programme was established by the Security Council on 14 April 1995. Some 3.4 billion barrels of Iraqi oil valued at about $65 billion were exported under the Programme between December 1996 and 20 March 2003. Of this amount, 72 per cent of the total was allocated towards humanitarian needs nationwide after December 2000. The balance went to: Gulf War reparations through a Compensation Fund (25 per cent since December 2000); UN administrative and operational costs for the programme (2.2 per cent) and costs for the weapons inspection programme (0.8 per cent).

About $31 billion worth of humanitarian supplies and equipment were delivered to Iraq under the Oil-for-Food Programme between 20 March 1997 and 21 November 2003, including $1.6 billion worth of oil industry spare parts and equipment. Additional goods and supplies from the Programme's multi billion dollar humanitarian pipeline are being delivered on a priority basis in consultation with the Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraqi representatives and UN agencies and programmes.  (21 November 2003) 

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