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Secure Tenure : Introduction


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The Global Campaign For Secure Tenure

"We have considered, with a sense of urgency, the continuing deterioration of conditions of shelter and human settlements"
(The Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements, 1996)


The Global Campaign for Secure Tenure is designed to take forward the commitment of Governments to providing Adequate Shelter for All, one of the two main themes of the Habitat Agenda.  The Campaign identifies the provision of secure tenure as essential for a sustainable shelter strategy, and as a vital element in the promotion of Housing Rights.

The Global Campaign for Secure Tenure has been designed to spearhead a shelter strategy that promotes the rights and interests of the poor, and which recognises that the vast majority of their shelter is provided by the urban poor themselves.   The Campaign will, in particular, promote the rights and the role of women as essential to successful shelter policy.

The Campaign also marks the emergence of a revitalised UN-HABITAT after its recent restructuring. Together with the Global Campaign on Urban Governance, the work of UN-HABITAT will be focused on urban poverty reduction, with a clear priority focus on women, within a rights-based framework as elaborated within the New Strategic Vision, which was adopted by the Human Settlements Commission in May 1999.

The Campaign will succeed to the extent that it is taken up by our partners, and by public and private organisations committed to ridding our planet of poverty and inhumane living conditions.  We call for your active support, and also invite you to make comments and criticisms that can take the issue forward.


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