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Adequate Shelter For All


 Adequate Shelter For All

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Our approaches in  Shelter and Housing are to:

  • Support the formulation of National Housing Policies and the Preparation of Housing Programmes;
  • Improve access to adequate shelter by securing tenure;
  • Facilitate housing processes including the improvement of access to land, housing finance and technology;
  • Strengthen the construction sector through the promotion of energy efficiency;
  • Promote utilisation of appropriate building materials and technologies;
  • Build local capacities in self-help and community construction techniques;
  • Promote housing conservation as well as restoration in traditional city cores rehabilitation and reconstruction of housing stock.
Our approaches in Community Services are to:
  • Build local capacities to provide, manage and maintain community services effectively, and improve access by the poor to basic services (water supply, waste management systems, education and health facilities etc.);
  • Develop skills and awareness which enable communities to identify their own problems and priorities, and seek appropriate solutions.
Our approaches in  Disaster Management are to:
  • Enhance peace through reconstruction, rehabilitation and development;
  • Reintegrate returnees and accommodate internally displaced persons through a comprehensive planning approach.

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