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Sustainable Urban Developement


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 Sustainable Urban Developement



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Our approaches in Infrastructure for Poverty Reduction are to:
  • Build local capacities for effective and efficient provision, management and maintenance of urban infrastructure;
  • Improve access to basic urban infrastructure (roads, drainage systems, street lighting etc.) for overall poverty reduction and socio-economic growth.
Our approaches in Environmental Planning and Management are to:
  • Promote better Environmental Information;
  • Support better Environmental Decision Making;
  • Contribute to better Implementation Strategies;
  • Enhance Managerial Capacities;
  • Advocate more effective use of resources.
  • Our approaches in Urban Governance and Institution Building are to:
  • Improve local policy / decision-making through broad-based participatory processes;
  • Promote effective and efficient urban management in both large and small agglomerations;
  • Build local urban institutional capacity to improve settlements management;
  • Establish transparent and accountable processes in local urban institutions.
  • Our approaches in Disaster Management are to:
  • Reinstate governance in post disaster areas of recovery;
  • Promote peace through reconstruction and rehabilitation process;
  • Improve urban management.
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