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Settlements Planning and Training
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Urban Planning Agency, Secretariat of Housing and Utilities
United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) 

Background and objectives
The Libyan population is projected to increase to 6 million by the year 2010 and to 8 million ten years later.  Over 90 per cent of the population increase is in urban centres. This project is completely funded by the Libyan Government through a UN-Habitat trust fund.  Under the joint management of the Urban Planning Agency (UPA) and the project, Libyan planners and technicians are engaged, trained and guided to carry out numerous activities.  The project aims to technically reinforce the UPA to implement a large scale regional and settlements planning programme, produce the final 1996-2020 draft national physical perspective, setup automated settlements development planning decision-making and land use development control support systems (GIS) in the main UPA offices and to provide support to the housing and utilities departments and organize and directly support training of officials from the planning, housing and utilities departments of the secretariat and government consulting companies. 

To achieve these objectives, the project carries out activities based on outputs from the earlier project LIB/91/X01 through the use of national and international expertise. Activities include evaluation of the 1996-2020 draft National Physical Perspective Plan (NPPP), and production final 2000-2020 NPPP.  Furthermore, activities include the setting-up of operational geographic information management systems (GIS) in the UPA main office and familiarizing the staff with the operation of the equipment. 

The project has prepared digital mapping proposals and has evaluated offers received; as costing was too high, it was decided to include this activity in a separate project (the Third Generation Planning).  The project has procured equipment and computer programmes and submitted the draft 1996-2020 NPPP for comments and finalization. The NPPP will be discussed and disseminated during the spring of 2001.  The training and fellowships programme Libyan officials from the UPA is continuing with one staff member undertaking doctoral studies and two others studying for one year in ITC (2000-2001).  Study tours are also ongoing to various places of interest and similar context.  The Secretariat of Housing and Utilities has requested further support from UN-Habitat and UNOPS for management of the large-scale third- generation planning (2000-2020) on the modalities of implementation.  The new project will provide support to the Urban Planning Agency on the technical management of this large-scale regional and urban planning programme, the establishment of urban information systems in the main cities and continuation of institutional capacity building and staff training. 

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